Plan for the Career You Want.1 You may feel stuck where you are right now or you may simply be ready for a new challenge. Either way, you’re a successful advisor who knows that there’s more you want to achieve.

Individual goals change from one person to the next, but we find that the advisors we work with all have the same desire to achieve greater independence and create a career that fits their desired lifestyle.

Identify the Right Way Forward.2 There’s not a specific chart or graph that can lead you to the right decision, but we help gather the right data so you can make a choice that you feel is best based on a standardized comparison of all your options. We give unbiased advice to our clients and because we’ve been advisors, we understand the emotional impact of your decision as well as the professional one.

Simplify the Complexity of Career Change.3 You may be looking to leave a wirehouse, or another financial firm may have already approached you with an offer. Whether you are only starting to consider a career move or if you’ve already laid the foundation for a transition, we offer services to meet your needs where you are right now.

Kinetic can work with you to help identify the challenges and help you address them. You need to be aware of how technology has shifted the lives of independent advisors and how the cultures of small firms and large firms stack up against each other; Kinetic can help you review all the opportunities in front of you so you can make a choice for long-term stability.


Create your ideal career with kinetic